Preschool is a time for developing a love for learning and for coming to school. At Trinity Chapel Preschool, children experience a variety of activities that make learning FUN!


Classes  (All classes are 9a.m. - 1p.m.)

​​Infants and Toddlers  (2 days/wk)

The Infant-One year old class provides a safe environment where little ones are loved and nurtured. This environment is a great start for your child to move, grow and learn. Little ones are cared for, fed and nurtured while they listen to baby praise music and play with developmental and age appropriate toys. They are also introduced to first friendships and will learn how to begin socializing with other children.

The toddler class provides a fun and safe environment for your toddler to learn how to socialize, share with other children, play in a group, and learn how to develop friendships. Your toddler will also learn how to recognize basic colors and shapes, make simple crafts, use crayons,  sing, and participate in other developmental and age appropriate activities that will keep them eager to learn more.

K2 Classes

Early 2's - (2 years old by December 31)

Early 3's - (3 years old by December 31)

2-5 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Children must be potty trained for K3 and K4 classes.

K3 Classes (3 yrs old by September 1) 

3 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

4 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

5 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

K4 Classes (4 yrs old by September 1) 

4 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

5 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Classes are staffed by qualified, caring, and dedicated teachers who provide great instruction to each child, and truly nurture your children. We believe in a strong family unit and encourage parental involvement in all aspects! 




Birthday Parties

Trinity Chapel Preschool has a wonderful facility for private birthday parties. If you are interested in having a party for your preschool-aged child in a safe and fun environment, please contact us or stop by the Preschool office to book your date!


Birthday parties include a friendly hostess to help you plan activities and assist you on that day, a wonderful indoor playroom, an outdoor playground, a barn room for games, music/video capabilities, and a country store for refreshments and meal time!


The Birthday Party Brochure can be downloaded by clicking here


Bon Appétit Kids™

Bon Appétit Kids™ is a cooking class designed for preschoolers. Classes meet once a month. Children are introduced to a variety of foods and experience hands on participation as they prepare recipes and enjoy eating what they create. Skills such as simple measurements, cleanliness, good nutrition and social/table manners are emphasized. 


What do children learn from Bon Appétit Kids™?

  • Early Math Skills (counting, measuring, sequencing events, time)

  • Reading skills (recognizing numbers, symbols, and words)

  • Small motor skills/hand-eye coordination

  • Strength & endurance (stirring, rolling, etc.)

  • Science skills (chemistry, cause/effect, temperature)

  • The importance of good nutrition and the different food groups - "I am wonderfully made"

  • Self confidence by successfully completing a task - "I can do all things through Christ Jesus"

  • Enjoyment in eating the finished product!

    Sign up forms will be sent home prior to the class.




Weekly Activities

K2, K3, K4

Chapel is held once a week and incorporates praise and worship, Bible teaching and puppets. Children bring "chapel change" each week to give in the offering to begin to instill in them the value of giving. (All monies are given to a Missions project which rescues children from traffiking and abuse and provides them a safe, loving, and Godly environment in which they can grow and develop.)


Music is a special class once a week in which children are introduced to the basics of music, including rhythm, tempo, pitch, scales and melody through exciting activities. Children have fun working with hand bells, xylophones, and boomwhackers and are also introduced to various instuments throughout the year.


Library is scheduled once a week for all classes. Children go to the library and enjoy books being read to them by the librarian as well as having time to look at books on their own or listen to books using headphones.

Preschool PE is a structured class that children attend once a week. Children engage in locomotor, stability, and gross motor skills in increasing levels. They also have a regular playtime each day, either on the playground or in the indoor playroom.


Kid's Tech is an adventure into the world of technology where children can explore various media.


Field Trips


K3 and K4 classes participate in educational field trips during the school year. For field trips that are off campus, parents drive their own children to the event.